Finsolnet REDUCES
Planning Risks for Clients

As a Client, the decision to appoint a financial advisor is fraught with many risks and issues requiring careful consideration, given the long-term impact of such an appointment on one’s wealth creation and preservation. Further, significant fees can be incurred if the right financial advisor choice is not made. When a Client appoints a Finsolnet Associate they gain significant assurance in respect of the following risks:

Advisor engagement risk

Finsolnet Associates are selected based on their knowledge (qualifications), skill and experience. This, together with an assessment of their reputational standing and ethical conduct within the industry, is a significant differentiator.

Cost risk

Finsolnet’s economies of scale ensure that costs are reduced. The cost benefit of all solutions are monitored to ensure cost-effective solutions. All services are fee-based. Service level agreements with all product providers, as well as between Associates and clients, govern services and fees.

Investment Management risk

Finsolnet offers clients innovative investment strategies that optimise asset allocation for short, medium, and long-term investment needs. The strategies manage four variables when considering asset allocation: return, risk, volatility and investment term. By combining these strategies, every client’s risk profile can be accommodated. These strategies are actively managed by independent investment managers. The performance and compliance of these mandates are regularly reviewed and benchmarked by the Investment Committee.

Institutional risk

Finsolnet Product Providers are subject to ongoing due diligence to ensure that their financial security, personnel and processes comply with the Finsolnet best practice and industry standards.

Planning process risk

Finsolnet ensures that the planning methodology and models used by Associates have been benchmarked and are sustainable. Furthermore, the Network ensures that there is continuity for both the process and planning.

Advisor continuity &
succession risk

As a member practice, Finsolnet Associates collaborate and share intellectual property which typically inputs into, and forms the basis of, their advice process and approach. Thus, there is typically continuity of advice across Associate practices; which creates significant value for a Client as, in effect, their advisor engagement is multi-practice. Furthermore, the Network facilitates succession planning between Associate practices, which is critical for advice continuity for Clients.